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Part 4 – Tax Benefits – The Basics of Real Estate Investing



What did that house sell for? Real estate in the Tiers
Elmira Star-Gazette
Annette C. Boykin as administratrix of the last will and testament of Anna Boykin, to David Hill, $31,915. John H. Cook Jr. Painting Contractors Inc. to J.H.C. Real Property Management LLC, $60,000. Robert F. Gibbons and Kristen R. Gibbons, 925 ...

Horrendous interview with a real estate agent. I'm still in shock. Venting...

Tue, 03 Dec 2013 14:55:48 -0800

This nutcase wants to pay $50 flat for 50-100 images for each property... uploaded within 24 hours... in an area where the homes go for Millions of dollars. She also wants all of the photos to be uploaded to a website she wants me to build for her, needs all of her social media to be updated with each property, and wants me to do some videography for the properties as well. Then she went on about how many international Asian clients she has... and apparently according to her, "Asians love blondes and the color blue. So always wear blue when you are in front of the clients, since you are a brunette." After that she made a comment about how unprofessional my bangs are. My bangs aren't edgy or unprofessional, they're more Zooey Deschanel. I'm so disgusted!! Are all real estate agents insane like this?? This is the first agent I've met with. Previously I've worked with clients who were privately selling their homes... wth?

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Real estate for sale in Jersey City New Jersey – MLS# 1315894

What's ahead for commercial real estate in 2015?
The Tennessean
It's no secret Nashville's commercial real estate market is booming. But how long can the good times — evident by construction cranes dotting the skyline and strong investment sales — continue? The Tennessean assembled a group of leaders from local ...

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Thought you guys would like some real estate numbers for this year.

Mon, 08 Dec 2014 03:54:20 +0000

For more resources, I highly recommend the Texas A&M Real Estate Center's site for Austin: http://recenter.tamu.edu/mdata/Austin-Round-Rock-San-Marcos.asp

Hi, everyone. I'm a realtor and thought some of you might like some general numbers for real estate in Austin this year. These numbers are taken from the MLS and cover Austin specifically (with a handful of outliers like Belterra that have an "Austin" address for the MLS).

Note that this is different from the "Austin Area" numbers that ABOR gives to the media each month, which includes the broader area outside of Austin as well (e.g. Williamson County, Lake Travis Area).

Sorry if it's a little sloppy to look at, but it'd take forever to type it all in detail. Hopefully Reddit doesn't screw up the formatting.

Edit: u/shiruken made nice charts for us based on these numbers! Look at his comment.

Median sales price for a single-family home (SFH) by year:

'12 = $245K '13 = $270K '14 = $295K

Median Days to Sell for SFH:

'12 = 22 '13 = 11 '14 = 10

Median sales price for Condos:

'12 = $180K '13 = $200K '14 = $215K

Median days to sell for Condos:

'12 = 35 '13 = 18 '14 = 13

Cash buyers for condos in ’04 and ’01 made up 35% of condo buyers in that area this year.

Cash buyers for SFH's in Austin made up 23% of home buyers in 2014.

30% of home buyers were cash buyers in the combined 78703, 78701, and 78704 area.

Top 10 fastest selling zip codes in Austin for SFH (just under a week is median time to sell):

’57, ’27, ’49, ’50, ’28, ’58, ’41, ’52, ’59, ‘45

Median sales price per zip code:

78702….12 = $215K …13 = $280K …14 = $325K (23% of homes sold in 2014 in this zip were built in 2013 or 2014)…33% of SFH buyers in ’02 were cash buyers.

78723 and 78721 combined…12 = $168K … 13 = $200K …14 = $255K (33% of buyers were cash for SFH in 2014)

78704 SFH…12 = 398K …13 = 450K … 14 = 490K

Note: There was little appreciation from 2013-2014 for condos in ’04 (median price is $300K). 20% of condo sales in 2014 in this zip were condos built in 2013/2014.

78741 SFH…12= 153K…13= 166K…14= 210K

78749 SFH…12= 250K...13=280K…14=310K

78739 SFH…12 = 357K…13 = 385K…14 = 425K

78745 SFH…12 = 178K..13 = 205K…14 = 235K

78731 SFH…12 = 510K..13 = 555K…14 =600K (median of two weeks on the market)

78759 SFH…12 = 340K…13 = 390K…14 = 420K

Median price for an Austin SFH with 3-4 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms under 2,500 square feet: 12 = 200K …13 = 220…14 = 250

78746 Median SFH Sales Price

12= 710K 13 = 850K 14 = 905K

Median time to sell in ’46 this year was 3 weeks.

% sold by sales price in Austin for SFH (market share per price range)

Under $200K = 18% 200K to 300K = 30% 300K to 400K = 20% 400K to 700K = 25%

% sold by sales price in Austin for Condos

100K to 200K = 37% 200K to 300K = 28% 300K to 400K = 13%

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Commercial Real Estate Investing Secrets – What the GURUs Don’t Want You To Know

American Banker

Real Estate Lenders Paying Premiums to Trade Whole Loans
American Banker
Real Estate Lenders Paying Premiums to Trade Whole Loans. by Matt Scully. DEC 23, 2014 4:19pm ET. As the real estate market ramps back up, lenders are looking for ways to diversify their portfolios, even if the returns are slim. To continue, please log ...

JFK - long-hidden footage of second shooter to be aired this week. Texas real-estate developer Stephen Bowen claims to have video.

Sun, 24 Nov 2013 08:31:36 -0800

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