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Real estate for sale in Parsippany-troy Hills Twp. New Jersey – MLS# 3150564



Real estate fund likes Albany investment
Albany Times Union
Although the Capital Region is relying less on state government work to drive the local economy, a Maryland real estate firm is trying to capitalize on the federal government's strong local presence. A Washington, D.C., real estate company called ...

Real estate agents of Brisbane, why does all your outdoor advertising have a picture of your stupid face on it?

Mon, 03 Nov 2014 21:31:56 +0000

Seriously. Is it a law or something? I have never seen some picture of a real estate agent and said wow, that's the insincere smile that is going to sell my house.

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What did I do First? Real Estate Investing | Flipping Houses | Wholesaling Houses


Two local real estate companies join
Prime Property Realty has merged with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate First Realty Group. The combined company now has about 70 sales associates, making it the largest brokerage in Richmond and eastern Indiana. Mark Brunton Jr., managing ...
Easier FDI in real estate means govt is inflating India's urban housing bubbleFirstpost
Washington Real Estate Investment Trust CFO Sells $414600 in Stock (WRE)Dakota Financial News
F&C Real Estate trust to convert to ReitCitywire.co.uk
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We need more real estate outside of the city.

Fri, 01 Nov 2013 05:55:52 -0700

This is something that we need. Why is there no good real-estate outside of the city? I like the Blaine County area so much more than the city. There is a 6 car garage near the air force base, and some 2 car garages up in sandy shores and the little town at the north end of the map. Maybe a DLC can make some of the big unused warehouses 10 car garages.

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