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Pensacola News Journal

City wants to redevelop prime real estate
Pensacola News Journal
The city of Pensacola wants to develop some of its prime pieces of real estate in the downtown community redevelopment area, but city council members have differing views about how to unload perhaps the most valuable land — two vacant acres just north ...

IamA Real Estate Broker in Texas AMA!

Tue, 29 Oct 2013 07:05:17 -0700

I thought this could be an interesting AMA because buying real estate is typically the largest investment someone will make.

I've been involved in Real Estate development and a Broker for 10 plus years, specifically in the Austin/San Antonio area doing residential, farm and ranch, and commercial.

Here is my companies website: www.rapportre.com

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Video of French-style Country Manor, Bernardsville NJ – Real Estate Homes for Sale

New York Post

Family feud over prominent real estate firm
New York Post
A Manhattan developer whose family real-estate firm controls more than $600 million in marquee properties, including 2 Herald Square, says his brothers treat the coffers of the family's Sitt Asset Management like personal piggy banks. Eddie Sitt, 53 ...

FAA has banned the use of drones for real estate photography

Wed, 24 Dec 2014 09:35:50 -0800

The ban is still in effect... and it might be for another 2 years. Currently the FAA has banned the use of drones for commercial use, which includes the use of drones to take aerial photos and videos of real estate for marketing and advertising of a listing.


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