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FAQ #6: What is Owner Financing in Real Estate Investing – Sellers Want All Cash




The Impending Opportunity In Real Estate Technology
Editor's note: Josh Guttman is a Partner at SoftBank Capital based in New York City. He blogs at joshguttman.com. Things are starting to simmer in real estate technology. The first phase of technology development in the category, which was primarily ...

Horrendous interview with a real estate agent. I'm still in shock. Venting...

Tue, 03 Dec 2013 14:55:48 -0800

This nutcase wants to pay $50 flat for 50-100 images for each property... uploaded within 24 hours... in an area where the homes go for Millions of dollars. She also wants all of the photos to be uploaded to a website she wants me to build for her, needs all of her social media to be updated with each property, and wants me to do some videography for the properties as well. Then she went on about how many international Asian clients she has... and apparently according to her, "Asians love blondes and the color blue. So always wear blue when you are in front of the clients, since you are a brunette." After that she made a comment about how unprofessional my bangs are. My bangs aren't edgy or unprofessional, they're more Zooey Deschanel. I'm so disgusted!! Are all real estate agents insane like this?? This is the first agent I've met with. Previously I've worked with clients who were privately selling their homes... wth?

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Real estate for sale in Nutley New Jersey – MLS# 1431630

5 superb tactics for capturing local real estate traffic
Think about it as if you are going to join a group in real life. If you joined the group and one of the first things you said was, “Hey, I'm a Realtor, who wants to sell a home?” then you probably wouldn't win anyone over. Now if you took the time to ...

FAA has banned the use of drones for real estate photography

Wed, 24 Dec 2014 09:35:50 -0800

The ban is still in effect... and it might be for another 2 years. Currently the FAA has banned the use of drones for commercial use, which includes the use of drones to take aerial photos and videos of real estate for marketing and advertising of a listing.


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Real Estate Investing Training Video – How To Wholesale Houses Part 1

Buffalo News

City urban development group urges hire of real estate manager
Buffalo News
One of the city's economic development agencies tasked with overseeing city-owned brownfield properties wants to hire a real estate manager to market, lease and maintain the East Side industrial sites the city is buying as part of a Buffalo Billion ...

The Golden Globes are picked by just 100 people, including car salesmen, real estate agents and hairdressers

Mon, 12 Jan 2015 04:11:56 -0800

From this Toronto Star article:

Current Hollywood Foreign Press Association members include real-estate agents, car salesmen, showbiz publicists, hairdressers and even a few journalists. All that is required to maintain membership is permanent residence in Southern California (so much for "foreign") and a mere four published articles per year, often in obscure publications that aren't freely disclosed.

The HFPA pretends to be a democratic operation, but it operates mainly in the dark, revealing only the names and the 55 countries represented by its members. (There are four Canadian members, one of whom, Ray Arco, also represents Denmark.)

I know it's mostly about the fancy dresses, but I'm always struck by how much power this group of 100 fairly random people wields. I imagine that they are buried in swag (and, no doubt, the occasional bribe) every year in exchange for their votes.

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