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Real estate transfers
Fremont News Messenger
239 Hamilton St., Bellevue, William M. Hill, to Christopher Rohrbacher, $48,500. 1638 Ohio 101, Clyde, Bernard L. Bartson, Trustee, to Joshua J. Stults, $55,400. 226 N. Collinwood Ave., Fremont, William R. Shortridge, Jr. and Tana M. Shortridge, to ...

Android v. iOS screen real estate

Sat, 15 Nov 2014 12:49:29 -0800

When I upgraded from my 2013 Moto X to the 2014, I was disappointed that the larger screen didn't buy me any more screen real estate. Now that lollipop is out and the UI has gotten even bigger, it's worse. I did some comparisons with my girlfriends iPhone 6 this morning, and it hurts even more that her 4.7 inch screen shows significantly more information than my 5.2. Might look into rooting and changing my DPI settings down the road, but just wanted to throw up some comparisons. Anyone else bummed out by this? Any solutions?

Screenshots here:

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Real Estate Investing- 3 Main Profit Centers

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Morris Manning, Nelson Mullins, Baker Donelson, Dentons Handle Real Estate ...
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Lauren Burnham Prevost, a partner in Morris Manning's real estate capital markets, corporate and securities practices, led the legal deal team for Griffin-American. She was joined by commercial real estate partner Carol Weld King, tax and real estate ...

The Golden Globes are picked by just 100 people, including car salesmen, real estate agents and hairdressers

Mon, 12 Jan 2015 04:11:56 -0800

From this Toronto Star article:

Current Hollywood Foreign Press Association members include real-estate agents, car salesmen, showbiz publicists, hairdressers and even a few journalists. All that is required to maintain membership is permanent residence in Southern California (so much for "foreign") and a mere four published articles per year, often in obscure publications that aren't freely disclosed.

The HFPA pretends to be a democratic operation, but it operates mainly in the dark, revealing only the names and the 55 countries represented by its members. (There are four Canadian members, one of whom, Ray Arco, also represents Denmark.)

I know it's mostly about the fancy dresses, but I'm always struck by how much power this group of 100 fairly random people wields. I imagine that they are buried in swag (and, no doubt, the occasional bribe) every year in exchange for their votes.

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609 10th Ave, Belmar, NJ 07719-New Jersey Real Estate


Is the global luxury real estate market cooling off?
The luxury London property market finally appears to be in pause mode, and it could stay stuck for a while, as extra costs are piled on to the cost of buying a top-notch home according to high-end estate agent Knight Frank. The hike in the cost of ...
Knight Frank posts record annual profits as UK property activity gathers paceInternational Business Times UK
Knight Frank toasts best year ever as life returns to commercial real estate ...Yorkshire Post

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First time home buyer here. Why are my mortgage broker and real estate agent discouraging me from making offers on bank owned properties?

Sun, 01 Jun 2014 07:06:10 -0700

Hi Guys,

First time home buyer here so I might have some questions that seem pretty obvious. So I am looking at buying a condo. I'm 25. I currently live with my parents rent free. I am seeing alot of great bank owned properties on the market and I would love to make an offer. Downside is, I don't have the full amounts in cash most of the properties are asking for. So I will be putting a 20% down.

My mortgage broker and real estate agent strongly discourage me from going after bank owned properties. They say it takes too long to hear from the bank. This annoys me because, I currently live at home so its not like I URGENTLY need to find a place. I have the time to wait it out.

Are they just being lazy because its the same amount of paper work for less commission? Does anyone have experience buying bank owned properties without the full amount in cash? How long did it take to hear back?

Thank you for guiding a newbie!

edit: Thanks for the advice guys. I just wanted to add that I'm thinking of buying a condo, and not a house. NOt sure if this makes a difference in anything. I also live in NJ.

edit 2: Wow! I just checked back on the comments and never expected to get this much. Thank you so much for taking time out to respond to me. I'm sorry If i don't get a chance to directly thank you. Please know your advice is greatly appreciated.

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