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My listing agent will not market my house on Zillow, the largest real estate website!

Wed, 03 Jun 2015 08:37:43 -0700

I just put my house up for sale, and it's shown on and a few other websites. I checked Zillow and it wasn't updated to show my newly listed house. When I asked my agent why my house isn't shown on Zillow, her response was "It will not automatically load to Zillow. Our company policy does not allow that since there is so much erroneous data on that site and we have no control over what they do with your data once it has been uploaded to their site."

A quick Google search brings up lots of articles about agents getting away from using Trulia and Zillow. As someone who is paying an agent a lofty commission to sell my house, it angers me tremendously that they are refusing to use such a popular tool to market my home. What's up with agents doing this, and how can I get around it? I considered creating my own listing on Zillow, but that's the kind of thing I'm paying her to do!

EDIT: Cool, looks like I struck a nerve with you agents out there. Here's the thing: Nobody gives a shit that agents hate Zillow and other sites. Bottom line is that buyers looking for homes use Zillow more than any other website to find homes. I agree that the Zestimate is a joke (and everyone knows that), but Zillow gets twice as many views as When I'm selling something I want views and Zillow delivers.

Why not do it myself? Well, I did it myself on the last house I sold with tremendous success. Flat fee MLS. It's gotten to the point that anyone can sell a house online. This time it's a relo and my commission is covered and I've already moved away so I'm stuck with an agent.

EDIT 2: We're talking to other agents right now and will likely cut ties with this one and move on.

EDIT 3: Well, our agent just gave in and put us on Zillow. It's only been a couple hours but check out my view stats. Yesterday's uptick was people going to Zillow to learn more about the property and there was nothing but old info and nothing about the house being for sale. Now they see the whole listing. I just cannot understand how this can be a bad thing.

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