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How to Raise Capital: The #1 Skill of an Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki



SFGate (blog)

Is the Schweppes mansion America's most haunting real estate?
SFGate (blog)
If we're looking for a particularly gothic, haunting Halloween-themed piece of real estate, The Schweppe Mansion has everything going for it. History, fame, wealth, death, suicide, ghosts and a long, lonely search for a buyer despite numerous dramatic ...

Android v. iOS screen real estate

Sat, 15 Nov 2014 20:49:29 +0000

When I upgraded from my 2013 Moto X to the 2014, I was disappointed that the larger screen didn't buy me any more screen real estate. Now that lollipop is out and the UI has gotten even bigger, it's worse. I did some comparisons with my girlfriends iPhone 6 this morning, and it hurts even more that her 4.7 inch screen shows significantly more information than my 5.2. Might look into rooting and changing my DPI settings down the road, but just wanted to throw up some comparisons. Anyone else bummed out by this? Any solutions?

Screenshots here: http://imgur.com/a/Dmqex

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Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Investing | Get You Movin’ Monday’s by BREIA

Palm Beach Post (blog)

Top 5 things happening in West Palm Beach real estate right now
Palm Beach Post (blog)
The West Palm Beach real estate market is hot right now, and there are some big things happening in the city. We've pulled together the top five things you need to know about. 1. We have an opening date for the new convention center hotel. (Brianna ...

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Real estate agents of Brisbane, why does all your outdoor advertising have a picture of your stupid face on it?

Mon, 03 Nov 2014 21:31:56 +0000

Seriously. Is it a law or something? I have never seen some picture of a real estate agent and said wow, that's the insincere smile that is going to sell my house.

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