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Which Celebs Won Big (and Which Ones Bombed) in 2015 Real Estate? News
Kim Kardashian has racked up quite the real estate miniature empire. Even her 9,000-square-foot “starter home” with Kanye West in Beverly Hills was extraordinary—and renovated to even greater heights with four now-infamous gold-plated toilets. Bought ...

**Press Release** Philadelphia Real Estate company is the first in the World to accept Litecoins and Bitcoins for all properties!

Tue, 03 Dec 2013 02:01:49 +0000

Press Release Philadelphia Real Estate company is the first in the World to accept Bitcoins and Litecoins for all properties! (Coming Soon)

We currently have 60+ for sale in Philadelphia, and every property is available for purchase by anyone in the world!!

Best part is, full or partial payments can be made in either Bitcoins or Litecoins.

We are working to allowing dynamic pricing and immediate purchase, but as of now, due to market volatility and the need for technological upgrades, please inquire about the current Bitcoin and Litecoin prices.

Please pass this on if you know people looking for things to buy with their newly found Bitcoin fortunes! Philadelphia is a great market for Real Estate investments! (Forwards to until I get my LTC prices oniline.)

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Central New Jersey Real Estate For Sale: 6 Michael Street, Iselin, NJ 08831

Somerville economic official to direct BRA real estate
The Boston Globe
Boston's chief real estate agency now has a new chief of real estate. The Boston Redevelopment Authority has hired Ed O'Donnell, who has spent the past two years as head of economic development in Somerville, to oversee its 16 million square foot real ...

Santa Barbara Real Estate

Information and news about real estate in Santa Barbara, California and the surrounding cities [link]


The Best Use of $100,000 for Building Your Real Estate Portfolio

Real estate transaction alert system to combat real estate fraud
The Macomb Daily
The contract with ACS Enterprise Solutions (owned by Xerox) to renew the USLandRecords and Super Index real estate search sites, using a Google interface, will be valued at $318,000 annually, an expense that will be offset by projected revenue of ...

Mum telling off an idiot real estate agent.

Wed, 23 Jul 2014 13:31:39 +0000

I'm helping my mum buy a house at the moment and most of the real estate agents have been pretty good, but today we dealt with a real idiot. First, a little set up.

There will be 4 people living in the house: my mum, my grandmother, my husband and me. I'm my grandmother's full time carer and my husband and I can't afford a place of our own with room for grandma, so we live with my mum. As a result, we're after a 3, preferably 4, bedroom place. Either my mum or I have explained our situation to every real estate agent we've contacted. Most agents actually listen to us, but this guy today was a real piece of work.

He was an older guy, probably mid 60s and a real "good ol boy". We made it pretty clear to him after he mentioned kids at the first house that they were not a factor in our house hunt, but he knew better, of course. He kept bingoing me all though looking at the first house and then at the 2nd house till I flat out told him "Just shut up about kids, ok? I'm here to look at houses, not talk about babies" to which I just got a condescending smirk before he turned his back on me to bingo my mum! The conversation went a little like this:

Agent: "Don't worry, you'll be a grandma in the next year or so. She's nearly at the age where popping out a rugrat will be all she thinks about."

Mum: "I think my daughter knows her thoughts on kids better than you do."

Agent: "Trust me, I know women and you all want babies eventually."

That really pissed my mum off. She looked him dead in the eye and said "You know, if you actually listened to your clients instead of being a condescending dick, you'd probably have made enough commission to have retired by now." and we walked out.

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