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US real estate could see more foreign investment ahead
Yahoo Finance
U.S. assets like real estate may be more attractive to foreign investors in the months ahead. In contrast to much of the industrialized world's easy money policy, the Federal Reserve chose to tighten slightly with the start of a rate hike cycle on ...

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Dear real estate agents...

Thu, 22 Oct 2015 01:09:31 +0000

If you want interest in your properties put the goddamn price on your website listings, not just 'For Sale' or 'Got to go NOW!'. I know its for sale. I'm on a goddamn website that sells real estate.

And I dont want to waste my time calling your office and being put on hold for 20 mins just to find out if the price is even within my budget or not. FFS, your not doing your sellers any favours. /rant

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Real estate for sale in Montclair New Jersey – MLS# 1545007

FIU News

Real estate students exchange classrooms for Miami River
FIU News
Students and faculty of FIU's Hollo School of Real Estate spent a beautiful fall day cruising along the Miami River as part of the program's practical learning experience. The annual Miami River Real Estate Development Tour offered students a firsthand ...

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Information and news about real estate in Montecito, California [link]