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RECENT SALE. $7.8 MILLION. 252 Newport Street (at Watkins Street). Brownsville, Brooklyn. A developer and investor, focused on adaptive reuse of small urban infill sites and niche real estate sectors where new development is constricted, have bought ...

seeing a lot of people frustrated with brokers and finding apartments. im an ex real estate broker who can explain the ins and outs of the real estate biz and can help you not get screwed by a broker or landlords/mgmt!

Sat, 22 Jun 2013 00:15:19 +0000

i first posted a big, long wordy post about how brokers often can screw you over when it comes to real estate in manhattan. however, i know many of you have questions and would like advice/are curious about finding apartments and how it works. (please note, i only worked in manhattan, so generally i can give advice, but mostly about manhattan and brooklyn, as i dont know as much about bronx, queens, and staten island.)

finding real estate is hard, especially in nyc and even moreso during summer. i used to be a successful real estate broker who quit because of pressure by my bosses to get more deals and placed money over customers. real estate is a big business - after all, EVERYONE needs a place to live. however, that also means that people will get screwed over, and you cant screw people over when it comes to the place where they will live and sign a lease locking them in to living at the same place, sometimes for up to two or even sometimes 3 years. seeing people get screwed over angers me a lot, so i want to help out and maybe shed some light about how things go down in the real estate world. (text post, so i dont get karma or whatever. i really dont care about that, i just want to help out.)

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