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The Business Plan For A $100,000+/year Real Estate Investing Business




Auction.com rebrands as Ten-X, the 'future of real estate'
When Real Estate Disposition rebranded itself as Auction.com in 2011, the company identified and led a migration of distressed property auctions online. Since then, the company has grown by leaps and bounds, expanding its distressed property auction ...
Introducing The Future Of Real Estate: Auction.com Rebrands As Ten-XPR Newswire (press release)

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Santa Barbara Real Estate

Information and news about real estate in Santa Barbara, California and the surrounding cities [link]

Real estate for sale in Scotch Plains Twp. New Jersey – MLS# 1535886


US Real Estate 25% to 60% Overvalued: Analyst
In other words, it doesn't look like irresponsible mortgage lending is inflating real estate prices beyond their fundamentals, but that doesn't mean another form of capital won't. That's what housing analyst Marc Hanson has been arguing for sometime now.

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Real Estate/Estate Agents, what are the questions buyers SHOULD be asking you, but aren't?

Fri, 22 Aug 2014 20:27:27 +0000

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Steph Davis – Best and Brightest Women in Real Estate Investing

New York Post

Developers just discovered a billion dollars of hidden NYC real estate
New York Post
For years, Broadway theater owners have been selling air rights above their rather squat, landmarked stages to developers. Developers use those air rights to add extra floors to skyscrapers. But now the Nederlander Organization, which owns nine ...

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Android v. iOS screen real estate

Sat, 15 Nov 2014 20:49:29 +0000

When I upgraded from my 2013 Moto X to the 2014, I was disappointed that the larger screen didn't buy me any more screen real estate. Now that lollipop is out and the UI has gotten even bigger, it's worse. I did some comparisons with my girlfriends iPhone 6 this morning, and it hurts even more that her 4.7 inch screen shows significantly more information than my 5.2. Might look into rooting and changing my DPI settings down the road, but just wanted to throw up some comparisons. Anyone else bummed out by this? Any solutions?

Screenshots here: http://imgur.com/a/Dmqex

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