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Real Estate: Should We Be Concerned About Wage Growth?
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Participants in the semiannual Urban Land Institute's Real Estate Consensus forecast released at the end of September remained optimistic on the industry, predicting steady growth well into 2017 across all property sectors. At a quick glance, however ...

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Dear real estate agents...

Thu, 22 Oct 2015 01:09:31 +0000

If you want interest in your properties put the goddamn price on your website listings, not just 'For Sale' or 'Got to go NOW!'. I know its for sale. I'm on a goddamn website that sells real estate.

And I dont want to waste my time calling your office and being put on hold for 20 mins just to find out if the price is even within my budget or not. FFS, your not doing your sellers any favours. /rant

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