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Prologis, Norway Buy KTR Real Estate for $5.9 Billion
Prologis Inc., the world's largest owner of industrial real estate, and Norway's $890 billion sovereign wealth fund, agreed to buy KTR Capital Partners for $5.9 billion to expand in key U.S. markets. The purchase will be made by Prologis U.S. Logistics ...
Prologis (PLD) to Acquire KTR Capital's Real Estate Portfolio in $5.9B DealStreetInsider.com
Industrial real estate manager Prologis agrees to buy KTR Capital for $5.9 billionNewser
Prologis to Buy KTR for $5.9 BillionNasdaq

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The Nexus 4 actually has more screen real estate than the Nexus 5

Fri, 01 Nov 2013 02:31:30 -0700

Guys, look at the first 2 minutes of this video:


Like all 5 inch 1080p devices, the Nexus 5 reports to the Android OS to be a 480PPI device while it is truly 440PPI. This actually means that the Android OS thinks these displays are physically smaller than they are, and UI elements on 5 inch phones are needlessly large (by UI guideline standards).

As a consequence, the actual screen real-estate available to apps (expressed in density independent pixels) is 640x360 compared to the Nexus 4's 640x 384. So the Nexus 4 has just as much vertical real-estate while having more horizontal real estate.

tl;dr: Because of the way Android works, the Nexus 4 can fit more stuff on its screen at once compared to all 5inch phones out there.

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