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denver_realtor here. Let's talk about the Denver real estate market. AMA!

Sun, 23 Mar 2014 09:01:31 -0700

Hi Reddit! denver_realtor here.

I’m a Realtor with a real estate brokerage firm in Denver (I’m not going to mention them, but you’ve certainly heard the name), and I’ve been helping buyers and sellers buy and sell homes throughout the Denver metro area for the last 9+ years.

Here are some stats for the Denver market in 2013:

Number of sales: 62,256

Average sold price: $303,621

Median sold price: $251,000

Average days on market: 52

Average sale price to original list price ratio: 98.5%

Let’s talk about the Denver real estate market. AMA!

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Wow, lots of responses! First off, I should have noted that as a Realtor I focus primarily on buying and selling – not renting. I’m not very familiar with the rental market so I may not be much help for those questions. I’ll answer what I can though.

I'm working my way through your questions as quickly as possible. I’ll be in and out today, so please be patient. What I can’t get to in the afternoon I’ll try to get to tonight. Thanks!


Signing off for a few hours but keep posting questions and I'll be happy to answer them as quickly as I can when I return this evening!


Thanks Reddit! This has been a lot of fun! Signing off for the evening, feel free to PM me with any additional questions! Let's do this again sometime!

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