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Real Estate Reinvents Itself
After the global financial crisis of 2008 prompted a fall in the value of commercial real estate (CRE), and the levels of rent it could command, levels of investment are beginning to return to former heights. Research from CBRE, the world's largest ...

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Is owning Real Estate crucial to FI?

Tue, 03 Mar 2015 13:18:19 -0800

It seems that a very common path to FI is owning your home, and quite possibly other properties for rental income. Is there a scenario where owning real estate doesn't make the most financial sense?

Perhaps it's due to the hot real estate market, but it just seems that I'm experiencing "fear of missing out" by currently sitting on the sidelines. Maybe this is just a plea for being patient and waiting for prices to come down. Sometimes easier said than done...

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