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Fresno Bee

Realtor writes book to guide buyers and sellers through real estate
Fresno Bee
The book uses colorful cartoons and charts including two Realtors who morph into superheroes as they explain the homebuying and selling process from pre-approval to selecting a real estate agent, preparing for a sale or finding your dream home, writing ...

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PSA: Than Merrill from FLip This House is in Denver selling real estate advice, and the BBB says to beware of this traveling salesman

Wed, 04 Mar 2015 06:42:34 -0800

It is not typical of me to watch TV broadcast freely over the air, but when it provides a perfect way to drown out my next door neighbors having sex on a Sunday morning, it is actually an appealing option. This is probably the least popular time to watch TV throughout the week, so you can expect ad slots to be pretty cheap; cheap enough you can take an entire hour to create an infomercial for a pretty small budget. This is Than Merrill's time to shine.

From A&E's flip this house, comes a fast talking real estate investor with deep pockets. Pockets deep enough to rent out about 10 different hotels around Denver and hold massive gatherings of people who want to make passive income flipping real estate. So why does this all matter? Well, is has all the markings of a MLM style scheme. Here is how it works:

Attendees will sit through a free 2 hours session, which they will be talked to by people with extremely good public speaking skills who can convince you of anything their hearts desire. People will be taught the ins and outs of flipping real estate, from only the best. Towards the end, the speaker will tell everyone that the next session is $200, but there are only 50 slots available. The first 50 people to sign up and pay get to attend. Those 50 people are lucky because they are getting access to better real estate advice. What this does is it creates a false perception of supply and demand, and yes, it works.

Now that those 50 people have paid their $200, they get to attend the next session. In the next session they get to learn even more real estate advice. But wait, there's more! There is a third session, but this one only has 10 seats, and they costs $1500/person. In this session they get to learn even more!!!!!

It gets better, and believe me when I say this, that their 4th session, which might only have 5 seats available, costs anywhere from $10,000-$40,000, depending on how bad you want to learn how to flip houses. I feel bad for those 5 people. They were selected because somewhere in the whole process, someone there realized they have a lot of money and not a lot of brains.

These events are being held in Denver today through the 14th, and if you are attending, then buyer beware.


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