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Real Estate Heir Durst Coming to California on Murder Charge
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Robert Durst, the scion of a prominent New York real estate family who gained new notoriety this year in an HBO documentary on his alleged crimes, has agreed to come from Louisiana to Los Angeles to face charges that he killed a friend to stop her from ...
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I (24F) just received my Real Estate license. My BF (24M) is upset about who my first client (25M) is and refuses to "allow" me to be his agent.

Tue, 27 Oct 2015 19:18:07 +0000

I will try to make this short as possible so please bear with me! I am also on mobile so I expect this to be poorly written.

I have been with my BF for 3 years and everything has been fantastic until now. I have a friend, lets call him Adam (25), who I have known since before I even knew my BF (who we will call Andrew) Adam and I have a VERY platonic relationship. Never has Adam ever tried hitting on me, ever. Even when we use to party together a lot back in high school all the way until I turned 21 since I had fallen pregnant (With Andrew) and I haven't really seen him much since then since I am either always home or working and don't have much time to go out and party like I use to, but we have kept in touch almost every week since then.

Andrew NEVER had a problem with Adam before and even partied with us. Andrew just realized that Adam and I snapchat each other and have become "Best friends" on there and has a yellow heart next to his username. Andrew goes off and says I need to cut contact with him since "Adam is a dog" and "Only goes after girls who have boyfriends" and "Is out to sabotage my[our] relationship" The thing is, he has never tried anything with me and everything we ever really talk about is my son, work, and future goals. I like to surround myself with people who have dreams/goals and Adam happens to be one of those people. We also don't snap pictures of ourselves. Mostly things around us, but mainly we just chat instead of sending pictures. I even asked Andrew what his real deal with Adam is and he said "When we were in middle school, Adam thought I was someone else and accused me of doing something I didn't do. He later found out I was the wrong person, asked me to forgive him but I didn't like how he approached the whole situation." I'm sorry Reddit, but to me that was a stupid/immature excuse and I couldn't take it seriously. Andrew use to hang out with us and always had a great time and they got along tremendously when we would, I am NOT cutting contact with a good friend over some middle school drama.

Adam and I have recently been talking about how I was in school to get my Real estate license and how Adam was thinking about buying a house within the next few months. Well, I have completed Real estate classes and got my license! Adam happens to be my very FIRST client and I am totally excited!!!!! I went home and told Andrew and he was FURIOUS! He starts going off about how It's either Adam or him, and he refuses to let me work with him. All I hear deep down in his rants is "I am jealous, I want to control you"

Andrew brings up how we snap each other a lot, but then I brought up how I have other guys on there too, talking about nearly the same exact thing, yet he only freaks out about Adam. I understand to drop people your partner does not like, but I feel like it is totally UN-fair what he is doing. Adam has been a really great friend of mine and has never tried anything inappropriate with me and has respected Andrew tremendously to his face and has never said anything bad about mine and Andrew's relationship.

I don't want to have to drop every single client of mine just because they are "attractive" or single. I will seriously probably lose so much clientele that way, and word will probably get around that I "deny clients" and may seem snobby or stuck up. I need to make a name for myself and I kinda feel like Andrew is sabotaging that for me with his jealousy.

What the hell do I do Reddit?? Am I supposed to cut contact with Adam? Am I wrong for refusing to cut contact with someone my partner strongly dislikes (out of nowhere!)??????

tl;dr: BF jealous of longtime friend. Longtime friend wants me to help him find new house since I am a Realtor, BF refuses to let me work with him since we snapchat, now I am refusing to cut contact with friend. Bf is mad.

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