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Zillow And 'The New Rules Of Real Estate'
Zillow is a groundbreaking, data-driven real estate website that was created to shine a light on a traditionally opaque industry. Since it was founded in 2005, it has become the most heavily trafficked real estate website in the world, and has changed ...
7 real estate myths busted by 'Zillow Talk'Silicon Valley Business Journal
Consumers will decide who is king of the online real estate

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We need more real estate outside of the city.

Fri, 01 Nov 2013 05:55:52 -0700

This is something that we need. Why is there no good real-estate outside of the city? I like the Blaine County area so much more than the city. There is a 6 car garage near the air force base, and some 2 car garages up in sandy shores and the little town at the north end of the map. Maybe a DLC can make some of the big unused warehouses 10 car garages.

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