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Real estate mogul Michael Lyon faces 16 new felony counts of eavesdropping
Sacramento Bee
Disgraced real estate executive Michael Lyon was hit with a new legal challenge late Wednesday as he was booked on 16 new felony counts charging him with electronic eavesdropping, the same charge that sent him to jail four years ago. Lyon, 59, was ...
Former real estate giant Michael Lyon faces new eavesdropping

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While house hunting, I found a dream home. However, the house had a high property tax rate. When I asked the real estate agent why the rate was high, she told me about religious "camps" in the county which built neighborhoods within them for their members. Their members live property tax free.

Mon, 10 Sep 2012 11:31:55 -0700

These camps are owned by a religious group. Entire neighborhoods have been built in these camps. MANY people are living there and according to this real estate agent, no one on this property pays property taxes. Because these people don't pay taxes, the surrounding neighbors have to pay more taxes to make up the difference.

The house I'm looking at has over $12k in property tax, and it's only valued at roughly $170k. Neighboring properties pay the same (one was at $10k, the other was at $11k).

Can religious groups really get away with this?

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EDIT: I removed any indication of which religious group owns this land to prevent this thread from becoming a bash-fest against a particular religious group.

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