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Gaming and Leisure Boosts Bid for Pinnacle's Real Estate
Wall Street Journal
Pinnacle confirmed in May that it was in talks to sell its real-estate assets to Gaming and Leisure, after GLPI took its offer public in March, prompted by their failure to agree on negotiating terms. GLPI raised its bid in April in an effort to coax ...
Gaming and Leisure raises bid for Pinnacle's real estateReuters
Gaming and Leisure raises bid for Pinnacle's real estate
Pinnacle Entertainment (PNK) Stock Gains On Revised Bid For Real Estate
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The Nexus 4 actually has more screen real estate than the Nexus 5

Fri, 01 Nov 2013 02:31:30 -0700

Guys, look at the first 2 minutes of this video:

Like all 5 inch 1080p devices, the Nexus 5 reports to the Android OS to be a 480PPI device while it is truly 440PPI. This actually means that the Android OS thinks these displays are physically smaller than they are, and UI elements on 5 inch phones are needlessly large (by UI guideline standards).

As a consequence, the actual screen real-estate available to apps (expressed in density independent pixels) is 640x360 compared to the Nexus 4's 640x 384. So the Nexus 4 has just as much vertical real-estate while having more horizontal real estate.

tl;dr: Because of the way Android works, the Nexus 4 can fit more stuff on its screen at once compared to all 5inch phones out there.

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