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Real Estate Roundup: Retail deals for May 22
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Here are the most recent retail leases submitted to The Business Journal's database of real estate activity of interest to Portland-area readers. Visit the database or submit transactions online. Cargo Home Inc. leased 19,000 square feet at 81 S.E ...

Horrendous interview with a real estate agent. I'm still in shock. Venting...

Tue, 03 Dec 2013 14:55:48 -0800

This nutcase wants to pay $50 flat for 50-100 images for each property... uploaded within 24 hours... in an area where the homes go for Millions of dollars. She also wants all of the photos to be uploaded to a website she wants me to build for her, needs all of her social media to be updated with each property, and wants me to do some videography for the properties as well. Then she went on about how many international Asian clients she has... and apparently according to her, "Asians love blondes and the color blue. So always wear blue when you are in front of the clients, since you are a brunette." After that she made a comment about how unprofessional my bangs are. My bangs aren't edgy or unprofessional, they're more Zooey Deschanel. I'm so disgusted!! Are all real estate agents insane like this?? This is the first agent I've met with. Previously I've worked with clients who were privately selling their homes... wth?

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Question: I am trying to get into real estate investing, specifically buy and hold, or rental properties, to start off with. Should I use a 401k loan, about 20k available, and the remaining be financed with a regular 30 year mortgage? Or should I try to get a private investor? Since most of what I read investors usually want their money back pretty quick. And with it being a rental property, it would take a while to pay back.

Answer: Real estate investing is painstaking and a slow process of obtaining wealth and could be an excellent retirement vehicle for you. Like any other investment you would want to put as little of your money into this investment as possible. Real estate investors would never consider putting 20% down on an investment property.Keep your 401K plan intact.

You have posed many questions real estate investors pose and ask when starting out. You would want to keep as much of your money as possible. Real estate investors would not be willing to lend money to your for your investment without proof that you are able to produce and not lose their investment funds.

Banks are not investors friends. Once you have accumulated several properties, you would not qualify for a mortgage loan through a mortgage lender. When you reach a certain financial level you would want to transfer your properties to some type of corporation or perhaps a LLC. Make sure which ever you select is best for you financially. check with a CPA or accountant before making this decision.

One of the best ways to start in the real estate investing field. Starting at the bottom would give you a great prospective of real estate investing and how to solve many potential problems.

It might be beneficial to start with a 2 or 4 unit property that you would be able to rent while living in one of the units.

In doing this the property you would make this your primary place of residence. FHA would lend the funds to purchase a property, with the interest rate being as though you were purchasing a single family house. The reason being is you would be using this as your primary place of residence. In the purchase of this property you would be signing a document that would require you to stay in this property for a minimum of 2 years. Not to worry, by that time it would be about time to move and purchase another property.

Keep your rent money in a different account than your regular earned pay. This is the basis of repairs, and savings to purchase other properties. Your rental deposits should be kept in another account as you are required to return these funds minus any damages to your tenants that would want tom move. Doing the correct in your financial dealings and not stealing from one account to make up for the shortage of another account is not good financial planning.

A FHA mortgage loan interest rate would be as low as 1%, however the norm is around 3.5%. With either interest rate you would have to apply and qualify for a mortgage loan through a mortgage lender that is authorized to do FHA mortgage loans. Make sure you inquire about the 1% interest mortgage loan.The 1% could even be a gift from a friend, relative or charity.

It might benefit you to

#. Join your local real estate investment group.
This group would assist in making you aware of potential investment properties, allow you to network with other local investors and could possible benefit from a possible mentor.

#2 Join the local Apartment Housing Association (Not important to join immediately)
This group would have the necessary rental and lease forms for you to purchase and use in the renting of your investment properties. Also this group might offer vanilla legal information.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.