Selequity Brings Real Estate Investing Into 2015



Thousands of criminals hold Texas real estate licenses
The Texas Real Estate Commission has allowed thousands of people to practice real estate despite having a criminal record. Some crimes are as serious as felony theft and aggravated assault. "Oh my goodness," said longtime realtor Charlene Cain.

We need more real estate outside of the city.

Fri, 01 Nov 2013 05:55:52 -0700

This is something that we need. Why is there no good real-estate outside of the city? I like the Blaine County area so much more than the city. There is a 6 car garage near the air force base, and some 2 car garages up in sandy shores and the little town at the north end of the map. Maybe a DLC can make some of the big unused warehouses 10 car garages.

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